Sticks: A Beginners Guide to Finding The One That’s Right

You can’t play hockey without a stick, so what do you need to know about them when searching for your perfect twig?

Your ideal hockey stick will not only enhance your gameplay and performance but also ensure unparalleled comfort, seamlessly becoming an extension of your own body.

What Are The First Things I Need To Know?

The first thing that you will want to do when looking for a new stick is to find out which way you shoot. Understanding if you are a righty or a lefty is incredibly important when picking the perfect twig.

The next thing you’re going to need to determine is how tall of a stick do you need? Make sure to keep in mind that the height of your stick will also affect the flex of your stick.

You’re probably wondering what is a stick flex; well, it’s the amount of weight it takes to bend a stick. Typically the perfect flex for an individual is roughly half of their body weight.

How do I know what the right size stick for me is?

Sizing a stick, depends on your position. If you are playing forward you may want it to be sitting just under your chin for better stick handling. However; if you are playing defence, you may want it sitting at your nose for a longer reach and more power with your slapshots. Don’t worry if the stick is a little bit too long. These days sticks are made so that they can be cut down later.

The curve of your stick is another big factor when finding the right stick for you.

Starting off with a stick with a smaller curve is typically a good idea because it will allow you to control the puck better when learning the basics. Once you have the basics down then you may want to consider moving up to a stick with a bigger curve. A big curve in your stick will allow you to shoot the puck harder and get more lift on your shots. A hockey player who utilizes their wrist shot a lot will usually gravitate towards a stick with a bigger curve for these reasons.

How long will a stick last me?

There’s no set timeframe for how long your stick will last you. You might get a stick that will last one game or you might get one that lasts you a years of playing hockey. It’s a good idea to make sure you have a back up stick or two at your games and practices in case your stick does break. It should also be noted that some sticks come with a bonus 30 day warranty that covers breakage.

What’s up with tape? How do I use is?

There are many different ways to tape your stick. Some people like to go based on their favourite NHL player whereas others like to go based on their own personal preference.


Traditionally people will use back tape on the blade of their stick and white on the handle of their stick, but these days there are tons of different colours and types of tape to choose from to allow you to personalize your twig. With there being such a wide range of tape types, try a few out and pick one you like best. It’s also important to note that stick tape is very different from your shin guard tape.

What’s the cost of a decent stick?

With a wide range of brands and styles stick prices range quite a bit.

For kids, a starting stick will cost roughly $50 and for adults it will be around $70 to $90.


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