Progressing through the Play Forward Pathway

At Canlan we strive to provide the best programming so that you can focus on your skill and enhance your learning in a fun way.

Learn, develop, and perform through play as you progress down the Play Forward Pathway.

By Julia Maniccia

The early mornings. Waking up at the break of day to be the first ones in the parking lot. The late nights. You may be exhausted, but there’s always the sense of coming home being fulfilled. You do it all for your family, your kids, and yourself because you believe in self-development and putting in the work to achieve the results.

These are the same values we believe in. Through our programs, we provide you and your children the tools to get you on a path to a better you.

The Power of Play

At Canlan we strive to provide the best programming so that you can focus on your skill and enhance your learning in a fun way. This is why our entire curriculum is rooted in play-based learning because play makes learning fun.

When we researched play-based learning methods we were blown away by the strides in improvement and the impression left on an individual by completing just one class!

To give you a better understanding of how great play is, it:

Helps to develop motor and social skills. During an activity, you’re in a scenario where you’re engaging with your peers, and working on a task. For example, calling your teammate’s name to receive a pass while focusing on getting that pass to go in the direction you intend it to! It’s all about multi-tasking and multi-skill building.

Gives you the motivation to learn. We all have that drive to work on our skills and push our boundaries to be the best.  When put into game mode we build confidence to keep going and reach our goals to score that goal!

Focuses your attention. Introducing play into learning really helps to hone in on the objective. By increasing your level of focus to narrow in on completing a task, you can build a wider range of skills more effectively.

Brings a level of curiosity and creativity to think critically and problem solve. The most important part of play is bringing back that level of excitement and thrill. Putting yourself or your child into a child-like mindset expands your creativity and challenges your way of thinking. It brings clarity to how you want to achieve your goals and flexibility to make it possible.

We knew that play was something we wanted to implement into our programming because we could see firsthand how games and activities developed the skillset tenfold. Play is the best way to help you learn and grow, and have fun while doing it!

Introducing the Play Forward Pathway

Having play as the foundation of our programming was just the beginning towards creating a progressive structure.

We are life-long learners and know the value of continuous development. We believe that growth never stops, and it is continually worked on. This is why we created a pathway, to guide you along your sports journey and keep learning. To push your limits and break boundaries. To become your best.

The Play Forward Pathway is Canlan’s ecosystem of progressive programs.

In our Play Forward Pathway, you start with the basics of learning how to play in Play to Learn. Gaining the foundational skills you need in order to get to the next level of development.

As you broaden your skill-set you enter Play to Develop. Transitioning from basic knowledge to an enhanced level of skill. Here you will perfect the staples and start to introduce more technical moves.

Our pathway leads you to advanced learning in Play to Perform. Taking all the skills you have acquired, building upon them, and challenging yourself every step of the way. This is how we perform at our best.

Our three pillars in the Play Forward Pathway were designed for everyone no matter their age or skill level. Our coaches are here for you, to teach and guide you through the Play Forward Pathway. They are passionate about equipping you and your children with the skills to learn and grow.

Join your Canlan Sports™ Community.

Whether you’re trying something new or coming back from a long hiatus, we encourage you to begin your sports journey with us, because we are a community of sports enthusiasts that care. We see the drive and determination in you, and we want to help you flourish, to grow your skill, get to that next level and perform at your best.

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