It’s a sports app experience that’ll keep you scoring, every time.

From practices to games & tournaments, you’re a person on the go. We know when you want your hockey, it’s got to be easy and it should be now!
Yes, you’ll still have to do the heavy lifting of getting to the rink on time, but now you’ll be able to plan your schedule plus track every game like the pros.

In today’s tech-driven world, embracing new digital tools can be a bit overwhelming, but we’ve got you and your kids covered with the Canlan Sports Stats App.

This user-friendly app allows you to see real-time updates and all-inclusive statistics for leagues and tournaments. With this app, you can stay connected to the game – anytime, anywhere.

What can I use the app for?

Scores, Schedules, & Stats:

You can keep track of you or your child’s team’s scores, schedules, and detailed statistics so say goodbye to searching through multiple sources for game information.

Real-Time Updates:

You’ll always be in the know – enjoy real-time updates that ensure you don’t miss a moment of the action.

Group Chats:

Stay connected with your or your child’s teammates through the app’s group chat feature, allowing you to discuss games, share insights, and keep the conversation going even outside the rink.

It’s perfect for you to see everything you or your child has accomplished, as well as stay in touch with other teams and teammates.

So, how do I get started?

First things first: download the app. The Canlan Sports Stats app is available in both the App Store & Google Play.

Next step: Account Creation and setup. Begin by downloading the Canlan Stats App on either your iOS or Android device. Click the “Register” button to create your account, fill in the details, and verify your account from your email.

If you need more information on account set-up, check out this article on our Help Centre here.

Join Your Team: Once you receive an invitation from your team rep, you’ll get a notification on the app and once you open and accept, you are a part of the team just like that!

If you’re joining as an ASHL player or are an ASHL Team Rep, we’ve got a whole other article for you on here.

If you’re a coach for our youth leagues or tournaments, check out this article on how to add a player to join your team here.

If you want more details on accepting the invitation to join a team as a coach click here.

Plus, updating your profile is super easy. As long as you’re logged in, click the ‘Profile’ tab, then click on ‘Edit Profile’. Make any changes you need to, but don’t forget to hit ‘Submit’ once you’re ready to save any changes.

Let’s start playing!

Now for the fun part. We’ve got all your schedules and calendars too!

You can create and share events like practice sessions, and everyone on your team will get a notification. You can also download and subscribe to your team’s calendar, so you never miss a practice or game.

Looking to download your team’s schedule into your calendar?

Follow the steps below:

1. Open the Canlan Stats app on your mobile device.
2.  Using the Search icon at the top-right on the Home tab, search for and select your Team.
3.  Select the Calendar Download Icon from the top-right corner and follow the steps to download & subscribe.

PS: The schedule is a live sync so if a game time gets changed in the Canlan Stats App, it’ll be changed automatically in your calendar!
Keep in Touch: Along with the group chat feature, you can also follow other teams to see their performance, schedules, and stats.

Need more reasons to start tracking your team like a pro?

We’re putting the game in your hands. Not only can you use all the features to put your best foot forward for stats and schedules, but you can also stay connected to your sports community with your very own team chat.

From reminders to pre- and post-game conversations, it’s the best way to always keep in touch. Plus, who knows… maybe you’ll want to plan a big celly after your next w.

The Canlan Stats App brings a seamless, all-in-one solution for every aspect of you or your child’s experience. You gain access to scores, schedules, and stats, as well as the ability to follow other teams – making everything so much easier for you and your team. Witnessing you or your child’s achievements encourages you to set higher goals and work harder to achieve them, giving you the best experience, you can get.

Download the app, and be on your a-game today!

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