Everything you need to know about Canlan Sports Camps.

When it’s hot outside, we know the perfect place to stay cool. Canlan Sports Camps are here for the Summer, and we know you’ll have some questions before getting in on all the fun. Read more below as we’ve put together everything you need to know before camps begin.

Canlan Sports Camps are back in full swing this Summer! It’s your child’s chance to not only learn & grow but play, all day… all summer long.

We’re so excited to have our sports complexes bustling with campers and full of energy. As we aim to make your child’s experience at camp unforgettable, we also want to make sure yours is just as great. So we created a guide, to help guide you along your process, from registering to packing for the day, drop-off and everything your child will be doing.

You’ve got the Q’s, we’ve got the A’s.

Questions about equipment? Where kids will be eating lunches? Read up & get prepped. Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you get a better sense of what to expect when camp begins!

And of course, for any additional questions not covered, we’re always here to chat. Give us a call at 1-888-422-6526 or click here to submit a request online!


Where can I register for Summer camps or clinics?

First things first, REGISTRATION! All of our camp offerings can be found on CanlanSports.com. From this link, you can filter to your sports complex and find camps available for registration.

What do participants do when they are not on the ice during a camp?

Wondering what a day at one of our hockey camps looks like? Here’s a general outline of what a day of play looks like at our Hockey Camps.



*Please note that rink location will vary as well as start and end times vary by location. Double check your registration confirmation or on your DaySmart account for your child(ren)’s camp start times. Our Head Instructors will add more specific information and send this out to parents closer to the start date.

Looking for our general Sports Camp itinerary? Click here.

What do participants do at your Hockey camps?

Here’s an outline of how we break up our days at Canlan Sports Hockey Camps. From on and off ice instruction to games and activities to keep your young ones engaged and active all day.



*Please note that start and end times will vary by location. Double check your registration confirmation or on your DaySmart account for your child(ren)’s camp times.

Looking for our general Hockey Camp itinerary? Click here.

I want to register for a program, but my child is too young for the age requirement. Can they be moved up and registered?

It is possible! We aim to limit having participants join younger/older programs to keep them with players of similar size/experience level. When your child enrols in a camp/program we look at their individual skill to see if they can participate in a program that offers both challenges and successes. If a child is advanced enough to be moved up, we will consider that option for that individual participant.

My child and their friend are registered for the same program/camp. Does this ensure that they are in the same group?

During programs and camps, we want the participants to have the best experience possible. This would include being with their friends as often as possible. Participants can request to be in the same program/camp within the ‘Notes’ section during the registration process.

With that being said, participants may be split up for short periods of the sessions in order to be challenged in an activity for their own individual needs.


Can I sign my child up for a Canlan Sports Camp after the registration/start date?

Most Canlan Sports Camps and instructional programs have registration deadlines. However, some sessions may be able to accommodate prorated registrations from a waitlist.

What happens if I need to cancel my registration?

Plans change, and we’re pleased to provide you with options in the event of a cancellation  after registration:

Refund: Withdrawals made (14) days or more before the programming start date will be eligible for a refund, less a $25.00 administrative fee.

Credit: Withdrawals made less than (14) days prior to the start date will receive a credit on-file. Any credit balance is eligible to be transferred to other family members, and applicable towards other forms of Canlan programming.

For any further questions regarding registration please see our Peace of Mind Policy.

How does payment work?

Payments for camps and instructional programs at Canlan Sports™ are due in-full, with a completed registration prior to the start of programming. At this time, online payments at the point of registration are accepted through Visa, MasterCard, or Debit Card; and payments can alternatively be made by contacting your local sports complex. Please note that a $25.00 surcharge will be applied to any non-sufficient fund payments.

What equipment will my child need for Skating Camps?

The following list of equipment is needed to take part in our Learn to Skate programs:

• Skates

• CSA Approved hockey helmet

• Warm clothing/mitts

What equipment will my child need for Canlan Multi-Sport Camps?

The following list of equipment is recommended:

• Running shoes

• Comfortable clothing

• Jacket or sweatshirt

• Water bottle

What equipment will my child need for their hockey camp and where do I find it?

The following list of equipment is needed to take part in a hockey camp/program with us:

• Hockey helmet with a cage

• Mouth guard (optional)

• Neck guard

• Shoulder pads

• Elbow pads

• Hockey gloves

• Hockey pants

• Jock/Jill Shorts

• Shin pads

• Hockey socks

• Hockey Skates

• Hockey stick

• Hockey jersey

Your local sporting goods store will carry what you need for camps. Some of these stores include SportChek, Canadian Tire, Dick’s Sporting Goods, PlayItAgain Sports,  and more. If those stores don’t carry what you’re looking for try a hockey specialty store such as ProHockeyLife or JustHockey.


Your young ones must be fully-equipped, just like this group of players above!

Do you rent hockey equipment for your camps and clinics?

We do not have  hockey equipment rentals available for our camps or clinics.

Does my child need to be able to put on their own hockey equipment?

It is highly recommended that our camp and clinic participants put on their hockey equipment independently. Our instructors will assist with parts like skates & helmets as needed.

Do I need to pack snacks and a lunch for my child?

Yes, please pack snacks, lunch, and water for your child’s day at camp. If you’re looking for easy, nutritious lunches to pack we’ve got a whole blog post you can check out here to help your child’s muscles repair and recover from participating activities all day long.

Snacks are also just as important to keep your child’s energy replenished, Hockey Mom & Registered holistic nutritionist Seanna Thomas from Hockey Snacks not only showed us some great snack options for lunch packing but she explained why they’re important to include in your child’s diet!

Some of our sports complexes offer a lunch plan for an additional fee, please contact us to inquire.

Do you have separate change rooms for women/girls?

We recommend checking with the complex ahead of time to have them assign a women’s change room. Not all complexes have assigned women and men’s change rooms.

Do you offer before or after care for camps?

We are not offering before or after camp care this year (2022). We hope to provide this option again in the future!

What happens if Canlan Sports needs to cancel my programming?

Canlan Sports Initiated Cancellation: If your programming is cancelled by Canlan Sports™, customers will have the choice of registering in other programming options or receive a full refund of any fees paid. Also, please note that Canlan Sports™ reserves the right to change the day of the week, and/or time of day for programming if necessary. We make every effort to provide any notice of such changes, and if a change no longer works for a participant, a full refund or credit will be offered.

What happens if I need to withdraw after my program has started?

Withdrawal: After a Canlan Sports camp or program starts, notwithstanding a COVID-19 or Canlan Sports™ initiated cancellation, participants are not be eligible for refunds or credits if they wish to withdraw.

Is there a multi-week or family discount available?

Unfortunately, we do not have discounts available currently.

Do you separate kids on the ice by skill level in camps and clinics?

Once participants are in their selected camps, they will be broken down into groups by skill level throughout the week.

What if my child is in the wrong skill level at camp?

If the skill level of an instructional program or camp are not commensurate with the participant’s ability, every effort will be made to move the participant to more suitable programming. If this is not possible, the participant will be eligible for a full credit towards future programming, prorated to account for any sessions that may have been completed.

Can I watch my child while they are on the ice?

Of course! Parents or guardians can come watch camp/clinic activities, as long as it is an authorized parent/family member/guardian. No general spectators are allowed for privacy reasons.


That’s it, folks. Now you AND your kids are ready for some fun at camp!

Canlan Sports Camps are a great way to keep your kids happy, with a combination of social activities and exercise there’s no doubt their days will be jam-packed with fun. We know all the info above will provide you with the knowledge necessary to send your children to a Canlan Sports Complex with utmost confidence.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at our Canlan Help Centre or phone us at 1-888-422-6526 and we’d be happy to help!





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