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2 Goalies Guaranteed, or the next one's on us.We're taking Pick-Up Hockey to the next level.
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It's the better way to play Pick-Up Hockey.
Canlan Sports' Pick Up & Play is a casual, organized playing experience for all players, no matter your age or skill level. It's the best of both worlds : structured gameplay in a relaxed environment.

So, eliminate the chaotic pick-up games and forget about rigid league schedules. Just
Pick Up your gear & come out and Play.
Get on the list. Show up. Light the lamp!
Throw on our jersey, stick-tap the goalie, and fist bump the whistle-blower.
Here's what you can expect from Pick Up & Play.
It's casual, but organized hockeyDrop in to an enhanced version of pick-up hockey. With one (1) hour games and 10 skaters on each team, it's low-commitment, authentic hockey.
Fun, fair game play
Each game has a Play Official to keep the game fair, balanced and fun! We'll match you up with players that are your age, skill level and gender
Goalies will be there!One thing less to stress about: goalie hunting! If you're a goalie, play more and play for free. Let us know if you're interested in playing by signing up below.
It was great to play an actual game with goalies, even the kids were good enough to play with us older guys and females. I hope to Pick Up & Play again!Peter Bailey
Great low commitment opportunity to play in an easygoing game as a beginner. Great turnout and excellent atmosphere.Christina Bennett
The simplicity of signing up and showing up and having everything taken care of.Irene Barnes
It was a great time. I would love to see these sessions scheduled regularly.Nicholas Richardson
It was great to play an actual game with goalies, even the kids were good enough to play with us older guys and females. I hope to Pick Up & Play again!Peter Bailey
Hockey should always feel authentic for everyone.Hockey is more than play: it's a supportive environment where you can hone your skills, make new friends, and develop a lifelong passion for our great sport.
AccessibilityOur flexible schedule allows you to play on your terms. Whether you're a busy student or a working professional, you can still enjoy the game you love without sacrificing other priorities.
CommunityJoin our vibrant, inclusive Canlan Sports Community of hockey enthusiasts who share your passion for the sport. Bring your pals every week, make new friends and build lasting memories on the ice.
Quality SportCanlan Sports provides safe, high-quality hockey experiences every time you step onto the ice. From great rinks to welcoming Play Officials, every Pick Up & Play session meets the Canlan Sports Promise.
It's Pick-Up Hockey for kids of all ages and skill levels.Stay play-ready and learn through experience. Pick Up & Play offers youth hockey players the opportunity to play low-stakes hockey, get creative and most of all, reignite their love of hockey.
It keeps them sharpOur Youth Pick Up & Play will be available when school's out, and allows kids to have fun, hone their skills, and make new friends.
It enables creativityPick Up & Play Hockey encourages kids to experiment with new moves, increasing creativity and enhancing their game.
It helps them growPick-Up & Play encourages kids to try new things and learn from them. Because the stakes are low, it's okay to make mistakes!
It's Pick Up Hockey for adults, too.
It keeps you fitStay in shape playing casual, organized hockey. Maintain your fitness level, relieve stress, or simply have fun on the ice
It's stress-free funUnwind and don't worry about a misplay or missed session. Recharge your batteries and rediscover your passion for hockey
It's friendly, fun competitionIt's casual, but you'll still work up a sweat! Challenge yourself and test your skills against others in a supportive environment
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