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Celebrate Your Birthday At Canlan Sportsplex! 
Custom packages are available, for additional info call (847) 382-3433.

Party Package (up to 15 guests - $20.00 for each additional guest)

  • 1 hour surface rental (1/3 Turf or Court) and 30 minutes in the party room
  • Sportsplex Party Coordinator to assist with activities
  • Set-up with selected theme
  • 3 large pizzas (30 slices) (pepperoni or cheese)
  • 3 pitchers of pop/juice
  • Possible Themes: Basketball, Soccer, Futsal, Dodgeball, Field Hockey, Scooter Hockey, Volleyball, Flag Football, Kickball

Add an extra half hour to your play time for only $50

FIELD = $350 COURT = $285

American Ninja Warrior Themed Party

  • Our most popular theme!
  • The Canlan team will set up 3-4 of our inflatables on a 1/3 of the turf field in an obstacle course style
  • Add our hanging ropes and a peg board and you have your very own American Ninja Warrior course!
  • Time your runs or go through for fun
  • 1 hour on 1/3 Field: $400


Nerf Themed Party

  • Nerf Guns, bullets, protective eye wear provided
  • The Canlan Team will set up various obstacles and facilitate fun mission based games
  • One hour on the surface and half hour in the party room
  • 3 pizzas, pitchers of drinks, water bottles and team bandanas included
  • $375

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